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 Increased evidence in oral and dental health shows a link between gum disease in the mother and the birth of incomplete babies (preterm infants) as well as the birth of underweight children. It has been shown that a mother with gum disease has been exposed to the possibility of giving birth prematurely and therefore is born small and sometimes incomplete. Early births also depend on the mother's gum disease, the more severe and serious the mother is to have gum disease, the sooner her baby is born prematurely.

Although proof of the relationship between premature births and gum disease requires further studies, it is clear that gum disease contributes significantly to the increase in rate of vital fluids that cause labor in pregnant women (thus prenatal labour occurs).

How a pregnant woman can be sure of her pregnancy health:


The best advice a pregnant woman can give is to visit your dentist for the necessary tests and to treat any health problems related to the health of her mouth and teeth before pregnancy occurs. The mother's teeth and gums need special and intensive care during different stages of pregnancy. Using a toothbrush and floss to clean it regularly, eating healthy and balanced meals and visiting your dentist periodically helps the expectant mother reduce the risk of any dental-related health problems.

What are the problems of the mouth and teeth that can arise during the stages of the mother's pregnancy:


 Studies acknowledge that many pregnant women become pregnant with gum infections associated with pregnancy (a condition of gum irritation caused by the accumulation of small amounts of plaque on the teeth). Symptoms of periodontal infections in pregnant women include:

Redness of inflammation and bleeding gums.

Periodontal infections during pregnancy usually occur as a result of a rise in pregnant women's hormones, which in turn leads to poor gum resistance to irritants in plaque.

However, the real cause of gum infections in pregnant women is plaque, not hormones.

Keeping your teeth clean, especially areas on the gum border with the teeth, will help significantly reduce or even prevent gum infections during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should pay attention to her food, so she should replace the desserts with healthier and more beneficial foods for her and her teeth such as cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables.


What can a dentist benefit a pregnant woman when she visits him:


First, it is very important that a pregnant woman notify her dentist of her pregnancy when she schedules an appointment with him. The best appointments a pregnant woman can make with her dentist are during the fourth to sixth months of pregnancy (i.e. the middle three months of pregnancy). This is because it is believed that the first trimester of pregnancy is the most important for fetal development. During the last three months of pregnancy, a pregnant woman's stress when visiting a dentist may increase complications or complications of premature delivery.

As is customary, the dentist will not subject the expectant mother during the first trimester of pregnancy to X-rays or anesthesia, nor will he prescribe any pain-relieving drugs or antibiotics (especially tetracycline) unless absolutely necessary. For the last months of pregnancy, sitting in a dentist's chair for long periods may be uncomfortable for her. It has also been shown that pregnant women are more likely to vomit during their visit to the dentist. However, the dentist is well prepared to treat pregnant women in such cases.

If a pregnant woman needs to make an emergency visit with your dentist, don't forget to tell him about her pregnancy before she sits in his clinic. A pregnant woman should also tell her dentist the details of her condition so that she can discuss with him any psychological stress she is experiencing, or any miscarriage.

Precedent and also about the medications you take because this information will contribute significantly to determining the correct way in which the dentist can treat them. Your dentist may need to consult your doctor who follows the condition of the pregnant woman before starting to treat her to provide the necessary information about her pregnancy status.

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