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It is a special type of instrument used by dentists for many medical and cosmetic purposes. These are the most important goals that orthodontics uses to achieve:

  • Gradually moving the teeth from their place, and getting a consistent smile in which the teeth are aligned regularly.
  • Improving the occlusion of the jaws and the occlusion of the teeth of the upper jaw and lower jaw on each other.
  • Expanding the jaws or returning the prominent front teeth to the back.

The calendar consists of: 

  • Braces (metal or white) are attached directly to the tooth, and are usually hollow from the inside and have openable hooks.
  • A metal wire is inserted in the middle of the attached braces to connect the teeth together. And this wire is tightened from time to time to bring the teeth closer together.
  • Sometimes the dentist may have to use other tools and techniques with orthodontics, such as jaw expanders that improve the appearance of the jawbones and extend the occlusion and smile range.

Orthodontic Period

Before doing orthodontics, the urgent question that constantly arises is how long the orthodontic may take to achieve the desired results. There is no unified answer to this question, as it varies from person to person depending on several factors, such as:

  • Age.
  • The nature of the problem that the orthodontist must address.
  • Types of orthodontics used.
  • Quantity and size of voids and spaces between teeth.
  • The health of the teeth, mouth, jaws and gums.
  • The extent to which the patient adheres to the doctor's instructions and accurately.

In general, the duration of orthodontics ranges from one to three years. 

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