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Dental implants are the best treatment methods to replace missing teeth and rehabilitate the mouth and jaws. At Asnan Tower, we are keen to use the best and most successful dental implant systems with highly efficient sterilization methods under medical supervision from the best American universities.


Why Choose Us:


  • Our certified team of highly qualified dental implant consultants has extensive experience in providing dental implants.
  • The use of the best and finest types of international implants (Straumann) made of pure titanium to ensure a lifelong treatment.
  • Extraction and transplantation on the same day to save time and avoid another surgical appointment.
  • Strengthen the bone and gums to get the best results if needed.
  • In-house dental laboratory to provide perfect same-day implant formulations.


Implants Consists Of:


  • Titanium implant: A screw that is placed inside the jawbone.
  • Planting support: The base that supports the installation.
  • Implant composition: A crown placed on the abutment.


Implant Benefits:


  • The best way to replace missing teeth.
  • The possibility of implants to be a part on which a dental bridge is installed, and thus a movable denture can be dispensed with.
  • You provide us with the extra support, excellent stability and extra comfort of a fully removable denture.


Dental Implant Advantages:

There are several things that distinguish dental implants in Tower teeth from other currently available prostheses:


  • Last for Lifetime: due to the fact that it is never exposed to decay problems
  • Aesthetically: Dental implants are the most beautiful and best solutions from an aesthetic point of view, because they are visible on the basis that they are a completely natural tooth.
  • Preserving other teeth: Since dental implants derive the fixation from the bone, so they do not need any preparation (drilling) of the adjacent teeth and thus keep them intact.
  • Self-confidence: With dental implants, you can laugh and smile with confidence, as no one can notice it. In addition, it is completely comfortable and unobtrusive, and you will even forget that it is there after a short period, and in the end you do not need to modify or correct every period of time.
  • Improving letters exits when pronouncing: Dental implants in the frontal area of ??the teeth improve the ability to pronounce. Also, the use of dental implants to install the dentures increases the stability of the dentures, and thus the letters are pronounced clearly.
  • Ensure the success of treatment: What is now considered a revolution in dentistry is that dental implants have become successful by more than 98%, and the implant lives for many years.


How to Take Care of the Implant:


  • Brush and floss daily.
  • Teeth cleaning twice a year to remove tartar and plaque.
  • Dental examination twice a year to ensure the integrity of the implants and gums.


Are Dental Implants Suitable for Everyone?


In general there are no obstacles for agriculture. The gums should be healthy and there should be enough bone for the implant to be inserted. The patient must also adhere to the cleaning instructions and regularly visit the dentist. The condition of smokers and diabetics must be studied personally to ensure the success of the transplant treatment. The best way to make sure that the implant is a suitable treatment for your condition is to see your dentist.


Will I Do Anything Periodically after the Implant:


Every person who has done the implant process should take care of his entire teeth, including the implant, and treat the implant like any other tooth in his mouth, from brushing and using floss, mouthwash, and of course we must not forget the periodic check-ups every 6 months so that the doctor remains aware of the permanent status of the gums Agriculture and dentistry in general.

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