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A denture is an artificial replacement for missing teeth.


There are two types of dentures:


  • Full Dentures: To replace all teeth.
  • Partial Dentures: People who have some teeth and partial dentures will replace the rest of their missing teeth.


Full Denture:

The kit is for people who have lost all of their teeth. Auto matching. This type of treatment will compensate you for all your missing teeth.


Partial Dentures:

Partial dentures are artificial teeth attached to a piece of plastic matching the color of the gums, attached to a metal rod that will secure the partial dentures to the remaining teeth in the mouth. The partial denture performs two functions:


  • It compensates you for missing teeth.
  • It prevents natural teeth.


Is there an alternative to dentures?


Yes, dental implants can have bridges installed over them to compensate for missing teeth. There is a need for a denture. The cost of dental implants is usually high at the highest prices. posted, posted, posted, posted, posted, posted, posted, posted, posted, posted, posted, posted, posted, posted, posted, posted, posted, posted But agriculture is not suitable in some cases. See your dentist to diagnose your condition.


How will I feel about my new dentures?


At first you will feel that there is a foreign body in your mouth. From its place to the muscles of the cheeks and tongue get accustomed to keep the set fixed. It is also normal to feel pain under the new denture, visit the dentist to adjust the denture and solve the problem. The text of the mousse to indicate the amount of saliva was the first days of wearing the kit, but he soon got used to the new kit.


Will Dentures change the way i look ?


Dentures are made to match the shape of your gums and teeth. So the shape of the dentures is usually acceptable. Also, dentures make your smile look  better and make your face look more natural and fuller.


Will it be Harder to Chew Food Using Dentures?


Classification of the use of the previous tooth number. First of all, you should eat soft foods. Chew and use food. Avoid spicy or magnetic foods. Avoid chewing gum, as the gum can move the kit from its place.


Will the Denture Change the Pronunciation of words ?


You may find it difficult to pronounce some letters at first. But with time and practice things will come back. If two dentures touch your teeth while speaking and make a sound, see your dentist.


Can Dentures be Worn all Day?


Your dentist will give you denture usage instructions specific to your situation. It is very important to remove the kit when sleeping. not to remove it will lead to oral fungal infections. The gums take advantage of the denture removal period to build themselves up. Saliva and the tongue can also clean the mouth and gums. But during the first days, it is recommended to wear dentures throughout the day, even when sleeping. It won't be convenient, but this is the best way to know where to adjust the kit.


Is it Preferable to Use Denture Adhesive?


Denture adhesive is a substance that is placed on the inner surface of the denture and helps hold the denture in place on the jaw. If your denture is not stable, do not use the adhesive. But see your dentist. The adhesive is not a cure for the stability problem of the denture, but it is a way to improve the performance of the denture . The adhesive is used in the following cases:


  • To increase the stability of the denture and thus increase the bite force
  • To help dry mouth patients, saliva plays a large role in sticking the denture, and when there is no saliva, it is more difficult to wear the denture.


How is denture adhesive used?


There are four rules you have to follow when using the adhesive:


1. Less quantity than possible. Add a small amount of water, then gradually increase it.

2. Spread the adhesive evenly on the inner surface of the denture.

3. Clean the denture well before applying the adhesive.

4. The adhesive works best.


What are the disadvantages of dentures:

Dentures are not a cure for the problem of tooth loss, but a way to live with the problem. With dentures, the patient can improve his chewing ability and the shape of his smile. Disadvantages of dentures are:


  • It is not always a cure. The life span of a denture is five to seven years. The shape of the jaw changes over the years due to the degeneration of the bone, which makes changing the denture necessary.
  • The kit can cause infections in the gums caused by not following the instructions for cleaning the kit or caused by leaving the kit in the mouth during sleep.
  • It can cause embarrassment if it falls while talking or eating in front of others.
  • Unsteady denture movement causes increased jawbone melt or inflammation of the gums.

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