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Universal Dental Microscope ZEISS PRO ERGO For Best Results:


In Asnan Tower, our specialists  treat patients who need root canal treatment using a microscope.

And just as there are levels in dentistry, so are the devices, so we chose in Asnan Tower the latest international microscope ZEISS PRO ERGO, despite its high cost, but it gives us more accurate results to allow us to display hard-to-see areas.


We chose this device specifically because of its lens, which is ranked the best in the world due to its clarity and high auto focus feature.

The device also uses xenon lighting due to its compatibility with natural sunlight. With the lens and effective lighting, we can see even the details of the roots clearly, which increases the success of diagnosis and treatment. All cases of nerve treatment are done using a rubber condom to ensure the safety of the treatment

Asnan Tower,
Salmiya, Block 3,
Belajat Street, Kuwait
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