Crown Lengthening

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Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening and its causes:

Healthy gums make your teeth last for life. Some suffer from inconsistent gum shape or infections resulting from improper cosmetic surgery, which prevents them from enjoying a distinctive smile, and negatively affects the psychological state. However, defining the gums is one of the plastic surgeries that help in getting rid of this is the problem.


Laser Crown Lengthening:

The dentist directs light energy onto the tooth or gum that he or she wants to treat. The laser acts as a cutting tool or as a solvent for the tissue it passes through.

The laser can be used as a treatment for the following:

Dental caries: The laser is used to remove tooth decay and prepare the teeth for the filling.
Periodontal disease: The laser can be used as a cutting tool to remove and modify the appearance of the gums.
Teeth whitening: The laser saves time in the teeth whitening process.
Tumor removal: The laser can be used to remove benign and malignant tumors if they occur inside the mouth.


What are the advantages of laser treatment:


  • Laser treatment is often painless or minimally invasive. so it reduces the need for local anesthesia.
  • Laser treatment does not make sounds like other dental drilling tools. So the patient will be less tense.
  • Laser reduces bleeding gums that comes with surgery.
  • During the dental drilling process, the laser preserves the healthy parts of the tooth to be drilled


What are the disadvantages of laser treatment at the moment:


  • The laser cannot be used on teeth with old fillings.
  • The laser can not be used on completely decayed teeth.
  • You can not use a laser to prepare the tooth to receive the crown or bridge.
  • Laser treatment does not completely replace anesthesia.
  • The cost of laser treatment are often higher.

Although laser has been included as a method for dental treatment since 1995 and despite the popularity of laser treatment in Western countries, the American Dental Association has not given laser full acceptance because of the lack of evidence of its safety at all. In its latest statement, the American Dental Association announced that the association is "optimistic about laser treatment, but with caution."


Crown Lengthening 360 


is one of the oldest techniques for treating gum problems, where the doctor uses a scalpel to exfoliate the gum tissue to improve vision and reach the gum pocket. After that, the doctor cuts and sews the gums to reduce the depth of the pocket, and this causes an aesthetic change to the gum line. Once the pockets are cut, the doctor uses a bone or tissue graft to reattach the gum to the tooth's root surface.

A week after surgery, your doctor will remove the stitches and make a second visit a month later to make sure your gums are healthy.

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