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Fungal Oral Infections


Since the mouth contains bacteria, viruses and fungi. The body's natural immunity and the necessary methods of oral and dental care help reduce its risk. However, in some cases these germs multiply to such an extent that they overcome the body's immunity.

People most likely to develop fungal infections are diabetics, especially those who use dentures. Other causes of fungal infections include:

  • Smoking
  • High blood glucose
  • Taking antibiotics


Low saliva flow and high glucose in the mouth provide the right environment for the growth of fungi that cause various infections and diseases. Oral fungi cause white spots (sometimes red) inside the mouth and form dimples (abscess) or may worsen into painful sores in the mouth. These fungi may also attack the tongue, causing a burning sensation of pain. This is in addition to the difficulty of swallowing and weakening the ability to taste.


Your dentist will prescribe anti-fungal drugs to treat them. Also, do not forget here the importance of oral and dental health care in terms of brushing, washing and other methods of care for prevention and treatment as well.


What do a diabetic patient expect from their dentist during a visit? Should they tell the doctor about their condition?


With the help of a diabetic, the dentist will be able to be ready to provide the care and treatment needed by the patient, where diabetics have special needs to be provided. Therefore, a diabetic should tell your dentist about any changes or disorders in your health and also tell him what medications you are taking. This is in addition to postponing any non-emergency dental operations if the blood glucose is unstable.

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