Cosmetic Veneer

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Cosmetic Veneer

Dental veneers (veneers), are thin crusts of E-MAX material that are installed on the front of the teeth to change the shape, color and size of your teeth, to achieve the perfect "Hollywood" smile.

Our team of highly trained American graduate dentists deliver superior results every time. If you are not satisfied with your smile due to discoloration and unevenness of the teeth, or due to large fillings, which have become dark, and want the best solution, we recommend that you browse the pictures or watch the video of cosmetic veneers.


Advantages of cosmetic veneer:

  • Permanently change the size, shape and color of your teeth.
  • Looking So Natural, Smile Painters from Doctors and Lab Technicians will give you teeth with natural details and prints.
  • Transparency
  • The percentage of cold is much lower than the fixtures.
  • Stain and stain resistant.
  • More strength for your teeth so you can eat all foods, without exception.


When should you consider an Emax Veneer?

  • Your teeth are small and uneven in size.
  • Change in color
  • You need permanent whiteness for your teeth.
  • You have minor overcrowding and are not considering orthodontic treatment.

At Asnan Tower, we create exceptional smiles customized to your face, lips and jaw to change your life and give you a unique and natural smile.


In order to create a distinctive smile every time we offer:

  • A highly experienced team of dentists in all specialties under one roof.
  • Advanced computer programs for making the shell or installation that will reduce the rate of human error and give us high-precision measurements that serve the end result.
  • Internal dental laboratories for quality assurance.
  • 5 years warranty.

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