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Dr. Yahya Al Yahya

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Specialist
Virginia Commonwealth University / USA.
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Dr. Yahya Al Yahya is a specialist in oral, facial and jaw surgery with dental, human medicine and American board in dentistry, human medicine and in oral and maxillofacial surgery from the Universities of Virginia and Texas usa.

The field of oral, maxillofacial surgery needs to be matched in the fields of dentistry and human medicine with the specialty of surgery. The types of treatments range from dental dislocations, maxillofacial cysts, bone marrow revision to dental and maxillofacial rehabilitation, orthodontic surgery, maxillary therapy, and maxillofacial treatments.

Dr. Yahya works to provide the best treatments to his patients and seeks to deliver treatment with the least pressure on the patient. Diagnosis is one of the most important things at the beginning of treatment, Dr. Yahya is characterized by his speed at work and his light hand during treatment.

Dr. Yahya says: I give the patient all the time and effort to find the right treatment for him. Help the patient overcome the fear of oral surgery while raising awareness to provide the best treatments.

When we asked Dr. Yahya Al Yahya why he chose Asnan Tower?

Rehabilitation of teeth and jaws needs an integrated team of all disciplines to reach the optimum result.Asnan Tower Team includes a large number of elite in all dental disciplines, all of whom are located in one location. Asnan Tower dentists in all their specialties graduate from well-known and prestigious universities in the field of dentistry. In addition, the supporting medical staff is highly knowledgeable and constantly developing. Furthermore, the Dental Laboratory at Asnan Tower is one of the best in the region and has a high lycee experience in giving patients integrated treatment.

As for the treatment method, we believe that the right treatment lies in the correct diagnosis and discussion of cases with all the therapists and this is something we are proud of in Asnan Tower. The presence of a large number of specialists contributes to this process while giving patients more than one opinion if necessary. The method of sequencing of treatment guarantees patients an integrated treatment plan and in the least possible time.

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