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Dr. Rawad Karam

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Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry
St Joseph University / Lebanon.
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Dr. Rawad Karam graduated in 2010 from St Joseph University as a dental surgeon , then got a degree in restorative and esthetic dentistry from the Lebanese University.

A member of the Lebanese dental association .

He holds a degree in biology of the oral cavity from the Lebanese University

What makes Dr. Rawad different is his passion to dentistry , approaching each and every patient in the smoothest possible way in order to make the experience simple , fruitfull and unforgetable. For Dr Rawad , the extra effort is what takes you from “ good “ to “ great “ . i try to be great , said Dr. Rawad.

When we asked Dr. Rawad Karam why he chose Asnan Tower?

"There is no better place to practice PERFECT dentistry than Asnan Tower .

The best results are always the fruit of collective efforts and practices from highly skilled dentists , nurses and laboratory technicians using the best quality of materials and equipments. This is what makes Asnan Tower the first in the dental field."

Dr. Rawad adds: "Short term success is easy but to maintain it, it needs effort, passion, art and ethics."

We Change Lives
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