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Dr. Moayad Al-Omar

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Specialist Endodontist
University of Illinois / USA.
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  • In 2006, Dr. Moayad graduated with a Ph.D. in Dental Surgery, University of Pittsburgh; United States of America.
  • He holds a degree in nerve and root canal therapy; University of Illinois in Chicago; United States in 2009, and Masters Degree in Oral Science; University of Illinois, Chicago; USA 2011.
  • He holds the Canadian Board of Specialists for The Treatment of Root canal.
  • The American Board of Physicians Specialist for The Treatment of Root Canal.
  • The Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada in The Treatment of Root Canal
  • The American Board of Neurology in General Dentistry and he is a member of the American Dental Association - Association of American Neurology Specialists and Kuwait Dental Association.

The Approach and Treatment:

I always like to assure all our patients that I will treat them the same way I myself would like to be treated.

Dealing with phobias:

Firstly, one of the things I like to do as a dentist is to provide my patients with a very detailed explanation of the procedure.

I have more than 14 years of experience in this field and trying to remove phobias and fear related to root canal therapy.

I can't tell you how many stories I've heard about the horror of nerve treatment but I would like to assure you that the truth is so different from what you've heard.

With the evolution we're living in these days, science in the field of dentistry has evolved very much. Which makes us treat teeth especially root canal treatment without any kind of pain.

When we asked Dr. Moayad Al-Omar why he chose Asnan Tower?

Dental and cosmetic treatments require an integrated medical team to reach the perfect result.

Asnan Tower brought this team of empowered doctors in all specialties under one roof as well as th

Many of you fear sitting on the dental chair and despite the pain you are experiencing you take pain relievers to avoid visiting the clinic. At Asnan Tower, we give this aspect great importance and I myself love to ensure that all patients will not experience any kind of pain during treatment.

Some of the treatments we offer to Patients with phobias and fear include:

• Pre-binge anesthesia gel

• Anesthesia without a needle

• Sedatives and nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

• Headphones to hear music or Quran

• Exercises to regulate breathing, relax muscles and distract attention to calm references

• The clinic's good atmosphere.

• The most important thing is the sweet treatment and the sweet word from the doctor therapist and the staff.

I'm proud that at Asnan Tower we have the world's most modern and accurate microscope. One of the most important devices we use in the root canal treatment. It is a magnifying glass device and has several benefits including:

The root canals and nerve tissue are increased to 2000%. Which means the clarity of vision the doctor treated and the accuracy of the treatment which leads to a reduction of complications after treatment and increases the success rate of nerve therapy. That's why we've been keen on the tower’s tooth work to get the best microscope in the world to ensure the quality of your treatment.

The most important factors for the success of any treatment is the correct diagnosis. Therefore, with the development of technology in the field of dentistry it is possible to take three-dimensional X-RAYS for teeth and jaws that will help us to accurately diagnose difficult cases. Using 3D x-rays we can see and study the teeth and jaws accurately.

Dr. Moayad adds:

The patients I am proud of:

· Who overcome fear and phobia.

· Who say they can’t handle it anymore

· Who has the will and courage to say: This is the time when I will change my mind.

In Asnan Tower we have an integrated strategy to eliminate the phobia and the fear from the dentist.

Basic auxiliary staff of nurses and radiology technicians in the highest expertise in their field.Being in Asnan Tower gives me the ability of creativity without the fear of shortcomings in any part of the workflow

Asnan Tower,
Salmiya, Block 3,
Belajat Street, Kuwait
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