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Dr. Essa Al Essa

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Comprehensive & Cosmetic Dental Consultant
University of Pittsburgh / USA.
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Dr. Essa Al Essa graduated in 2002 as a comprehensive dental consultant and beautification specialist, with a PhD in Dentistry and Dentistry from the University of Pittsburgh, USA.

Holder of the American Board of Dentistry

A member of the American Dental Academy

A member of the American Dental Association.

He holds a degree in comprehensive dentistry and dentistry from the Royal Irish College of Surgeons, UK, Fellowship at the Royal Irish College of Surgeons, UK and co-founder of Asnan Tower Dental.


What makes Dr. Essa different is his attention to details in the mastery of his work close to his auditors and his dream to change the life of every person he visits. Dr. Essa says “We live this life once, what is better than having a healthy and beautiful smile. A smile is the key to every success.”


When we asked Dr. Essa Al Essa why he chose Asnan Tower?

Cosmetic treatment requires working with a high-level medical team, specifically the specialties that are closely related to the end result such as root canal treatment, gum implantation as well as orthodontics and cleaning.


The laboratory is the key element in the equation.

In Asnan tower we are keen to possess the best tools, materials and the latest trends in dentistry.


Treatment is not only medicine but a distinctive treatment. The psychological factor can make the patient love the clinic and love to experience it with us eventually, in addition to the clinic's unique location.


Sterilization is the most important factor in the safety and quality of treatment and the safety of medical references and staff, so the clinic follows the highest standards of sterilization based on U.S. regulations.


Dr. Essa adds: "I treat every patient like a member of my family, the treatment that I do not do for my family, which I will not accept for my patients. I promise you to put 20 years of experience to serve you at the highest level"


He concludes by saying: Dentistry is science and art, I promise all my patients that I will not only give them my science, But I will put all my art to change their lives.


A New Day, A New Case
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