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Dr. Ali Al Saffar

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Pediatric dentist
University of Minnesota / USA.
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Dr. Ali Al-Saffar graduated in 2004 from the University of Pittsburgh; USA in dentistry. In 2009 he received a pediatric dentistry degree from the University of Minnesota with a full American board.

Full children's board in dentistry.

Consultant Pediatric Dentist and Special Needs

American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

Member of the American Dental Association

A Fellowship in Special Needs from The University of Ohio.

Dr. Ali says:

When I treat a patient’s teeth I feel like they are my own teeth and I want them to stay healthy for a lifetime.

At Asnan Tower not only do we treat teeth but we also focus on treating the child's psychology, develop his personality, encourage him and provide high-level awareness in how to take care of the teeth in children and parents.

I am very proud that my dental colleagues from other clinics are leaving their clinics with their children for treatment at Asnan Tower.

I could choose the easiest way and choose regular universities but I chose the hardest route. I have benefited greatly from the course of my studies which I have gained from the best universities. Today I can offer the best for my patients.

When we asked Dr. Ali Al Saffar why he chose Asnan Tower?

"What distinguishes in Asnan tower is the specialized team under one roof.

This means that the patient will receive the best treatment in every major in dentistry.

They offered me to work at one of the most important universities in America but I only saw myself in Asnan Tower because the quality of the treatment satisfies my ambition and my professional level."

Asnan Tower,
Salmiya, Block 3,
Belajat Street, Kuwait
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