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Dr. Abdullah Al Qaid

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Specialist Endodontist
University of Connecticut / USA.
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  • Holds a degree in dentistry from the University of Missouri- Kansas City in 2007
  • He took his degree in neurosis and root canal from the University of Connecticut in 2012. He also took a Master of Dental Science from the University of Connecticut in 2012.
  • The Full American Board of Root canal treatment in 2013.
  • Dentist at the Ministry of Health from 2007-2015
  • Head of the Root Nerve and canal Treatment Unit at Al Jahra Specialist Dental Center 2013-2015
  • Endodontist at Tower Dental Center from 2015

I personally came to the conclusion that the success of root canal treatment lies within several key factors.

  •  Your treatment by a neuropsychologist with the highest degree of competence in his field has practical experience in the treatment of all types of different conditions.
  • A supporting medical team is present at the highest level in addition to the availability of the best and latest medical devices and materials to perform the treatment optimally and comfortably.

The availability of the above does not mean that your treatment journey is comfortable and pain-free.

Many patients suffer from phobias and fear of dental treatment in general and especially the treatment of the nerve in particular. After years of treating thousands of nerve conditions you have been able to understand that successful nerve therapy begins with your success by controlling the fear of the patients and that the treatment is simple and painless.

The secret lies in following some behavioral methods before starting treatment through effective and excellent anesthesia to the completion of treatment in a short time and high quality.

Hence my practical goal is to eliminate dental phobia from society. I have every day and thank God, a successful story and a new step to reach this goal.

When we asked Dr. Abdullah Al Qaid why he chose Asnan Tower?

Medical in general and dentistry in particular are no longer dependent on one person or one doctor for treatment. Those who wish to receive the ideal medical treatment should look and go to an integrated medical team with highly experienced and highly qualified international certificates in various disciplines. The Tower also provides the best equipment, tools and medical materials to enable doctors to provide the best treatments required at the highest level.

The medical team is complemented by a group of nurses and laboratory technicians with high degrees and experience to provide the best treatments needed by the patients. The team specialized in treating our ideal patients has not stopped except with a trained and organized management team to make your treatment experience completely different from other clinics, the receptionists and medical services advisors are always ready to welcome you with medical guidance and answer all your inquiries and questions related to the treatment trip.

Dr. Abdullah says:

"The clinic is keen to give our patients a unique therapeutic experience and it does not just end at this point but we make sure to reach your appointment with complete comfort because a team receives you from the door to reach a clinic with beautiful views which makes this experience a great effect in reducing stress and phobia.

It has been scientifically proven that reducing stress and fear that precedes treatment plays an important role in providing pain-free dental treatment.

Asnan Tower has made the dental treatment a luxury experience. We even offer you a first-class treatment journey in Asnan Tower."

Asnan Tower,
Salmiya, Block 3,
Belajat Street, Kuwait
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