Endodontics and Surgery

Our hardest workers live here: the Oral Surgeon and the Endodontists. Amazing things happen under the gentlest hands of our Oral Surgeon, he diagnosis and manages all oral and maxillofacial pathological conditions. He extracts both simple and very complicated cases as if they are all simple. He expertly places implants to aid his colleagues in the proper placement of the final restorations. He closely collaborates with the esthetic team for cases to undergo Orthognathic Surgery. Our Endodontists are our saviours when it comes to diagnosing and treating any orofacial pain, pulpal pain, or injuries which have occurred. They diligently and carefully treat these issues with the upmost of care and delicacy under well isolated fields and surgical microscopes to ensure that best results to relieve everyone of his/her complaints.

Asnan Tower - Eighth Floor