We make the dentist Fun

Asnan Kids is designed with a playground environment with recreational facilities where children can have the best edutainment experience in a dentist. Also we take care to increase oral health awareness for new born to teenagers also special needs  services are available all are taken care by Pediatric Dentistry Consultants.

Your kids are Asnan's Kids

We take care of your kids and assure the best dental experience that will make them want to come back to us

Dr. Mohammad AL-Hassan
Pediatric Dental Consultant - Diplomate of the American Board University of New York at Buffalo / USA
Dr. Ali AL Saffar
Pediatric Dentist Consultant American Board Diplomat - University of Minnesota / USA
Dr Essa AL Rashed
Pediatric Dentist Specialist

    Hey there!

    I'm SUPERPASTE I use my strength to fight away plaque & bacteria from ruining your teeth, so your teeth can stay clean and your breath feel fresh.




    My name is BRUSHY. I use my soft hair to help SUPERPASTE remove bacteria in hard to reach places, giving you a wonderful smile. Don't forget to let me clean your teeth before going to bed and after meals.


  • Mrs. Tooth


    That's when you'll see me. I'm MRS. TOOTH. You know that smiling makes you happier and helps you spread happiness? Keep me white and shiny, and I'll help you dazzle others with your smile.


  • Mr. TOOTH

    Nice to see you here!

    I'm MR. TOOTH. I help you chew your food so your body can get the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. When you take care of me, I promise to stay white and strong forever.

  • Flossy


    I'm FLOSSY. I remove the food between your teeth, where even MISS BRUSHY can't reach! I help make sure bacteria have no place to hide in your mouth.